A Space to CoWork, Build, Connect & Grow

A coworking space of independent professionals creates an atmosphere that enhances your productivity and offers perks you can't find working from your home or a wifi-enabled restaurant. And a community of business professionals is at your fingertips!

Garrett CoWorking Center is a unique, affordable, coworking space for small or start-up businesses to take advantage of the many convenient amenities often found in larger business settings. At Garrett CoWorking Center, your business can provide clients and customers a professional environment with a modern, conference room, kitchenette, high-speed secure internet, and mail services.

In addition to these resources and amenities, you'll be able to connect with other working professionals whose expertise and knowledge can help you build and grow for your future.

CoWorking space in the convenient offices at Garrett CoWorking Center is available in five (5) membership plans. Whether you need a mailing address, meeting space, or a private office to conduct your business, Garrett CoWorking Center has a Membership Plan that will fit your needs!

Plans & Pricing